Great ideas for a fantastic beach wedding

Beach WeddingThinking of having an extraordinary destination wedding? If the weather permits, you might want to exchange vows on one of the finest beaches in the world. A beach wedding lets you and your guests bask in the relaxing ambience that the gentle ocean breeze, soft sand and romantic sunset offer. However, this kind of wedding is not that easy to pull off since you have to think about possible situations typical in an open area such as a lack of privacy from curious onlookers, pesky bugs, and gust of wind destroying your gorgeous hair. So, if you are ready to have your very own beach wedding, then this practical guide can help you have a worry-free and perfect ceremony on the sand.

Choose the Right Dress and Footwear

Ditch the ballgown, full dress and that mile-length train. Walking on the beach with poise and grace is next to impossible if you plan to don a large and floor-length gown. The same holds true with dresses that have lots of frills and lace trimming since these outfits will only pick up debris from the sand.

Instead, opt for a gown made of lightweight fabric such as charmeuse or chiffon to make the hemline flow beautifully in the ocean breeze. Make sure the dress accentuates your best features, so you will still look breathtaking even without a ballgown.

As for your shoes, just forget about wearing high heel. While stilettos make you look chic, you have to face the fact that walking on the sand with these shoes is bound to be a nightmare. For a beach setting, the best footwear for you is a pair of espadrilles or flat-sole sandals, as long as the heels won’t create holes or sink into the sand. If you wish, you may wear a long gown and just walk along the aisle barefoot.

Keep in mind, though, that if you are getting married at daytime, walking barefoot can be unbearable when the sand gets scorching hot. With this in mind, consider placing an aisle runner made of rose or orchid petals or a lovely fabric that will keep your feet cool.

Don the Perfect Hairstyle

Loose waves may be en vogue right now, just like Bella Swan’s gorgeous brunette curls, but this style won’t do on a beach wedding. When the wind gets pretty strong, you may end up losing that hot mess look with your hair down. To keep yourself looking stunning and polished all night, an updo will be a better option. You may go for a loose bun, a romantic French twist, or cute braids that will make you look like some goddess of the ocean.

As for your veil, you may have to think twice about wearing a long and heavy veil. Face it – long veils may look regal, but they are more suitable for traditional weddings. It gets even worse when the wind is so strong, since you may have to keep on brushing the veil off your face. The best thing to wear on your hair is a bunch of fresh flowers that would complement the nature theme of this event.

Inform Your Guests

When you have finalized your plans of having your wedding at the beach, make sure you inform your guests. This way, they would know what to bring, how to dress, and keep themselves comfortable during the ceremony. You may even want to add a few items in their welcome bags such as sunscreen, hand fans, and bottled water to keep them cool.

So, ready for that romantic beach wedding? Make sure you apply these tips to ensure you of a worry-free and spectacular event that you and your guests will remember for years!