Tie the knot without going bankrupt: money saving tips for couples

MoneyThe wedding industry makes billions of dollars every year from flowers, dresses, shoes, venues and all the other expenses that go into just one day for couples. If you don’t want to go bankrupt tying the knot with someone you love, then consider tightening your grip on that wallet. There are a lot of creative ways you can save cash, and that can mean more savings in your bank account or even a better honeymoon!

How Many People Should You Invite?

As you may know, the more people you invite to the wedding, the more expensive it is going to be. If you have acquaintances or people you’re not really in great contact with, then don’t invite them. It’s nice to share your life with people, but should it come at the cost of your budget? Most people you aren’t great friends with can see your people on social networking sites, so they can still wish you well without actually having to be there.

How Much is Your Dress?

Wedding dresses can cost up to $20,000 or even more in some cases, and that can easily ruin your budget. By shopping around at discount wedding stores you may be able to find styles you like that cost up to 50% or more less! There are tons of websites that have designer gowns for sale, so shop around and get creative. You don’t have to spend a fortune to look absolutely beautiful on your wedding day. If possible, avoid trying on those dresses that are outside of your budget, as these can make you depressed if you can’t afford them.

What Food Are You Serving?

Instead of giving your guests a menu of food that they can choose from, only serve a combo plate with two different proteins on it. This will ensure that everyone has a meal that they like, and it will lower the food bill on your end. If you are going to have a meal with meat, then make sure you give vegetarians an option. Have them mark this on the invitations, because the last thing you will want are hungry guests!

Also, serve your wedding cake as the dessert! Shockingly, a lot of people don’t do this and serve alternative desserts instead. By serving your cake you can save a lot of money while enjoying something sweet. To save even more, have a fake tiered cake to show off, but serve a delicious sheet cake to your guests.

Will There Be Alcohol?

If you are having alcohol served at your wedding, then buy it yourself! This is extremely important, because alcohol you don’t purchase is going to be marked up in price considerably. You can actually save thousands of dollars by buying bottles of wine and liquor, especially since you will be able to choose the brands and look for the best prices at different stores.

Reduce Video and Photo Costs

Have the ceremony recorded by the videographer and photographer, but only have them there for a fraction of the reception. Your guests will be taking pictures and you can even use smartphone apps where they can upload all their photos to your album! You could also give disposable cameras to the guests so you can pictures from the perspectives of each of them.